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  • Fighting form spam with a little JavaScript
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-06-12
    Form spam is one of the many forms of abuse your website may fall victim to. Preventing automated form submissions is often done with captchas, but there are effective ways of preventing garbage in your websites and your databases, using nothing but a little JavaScript.
  • Potentially problematic feedback between greylisting and spam filtering
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-06-03
    Greylisting may affect the spam score of the message when it eventually is accepted by the mail server, which may have unexpected consequences.
  • Fighting spam with greylisting
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-05-13
    Spam is one of the number one oline irritations for people. There are some effective ways to get rid of a lot of spam, at least until spammers catch up again. One of the most used methods right now is greylisting, which yields really good results, but at a price.