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  • Find geographical coordinates using Google Maps (revisited)
    Joor Loohuis, 2010-03-08
    A little while ago we posted a short instruction on how to find the map coordinates of a location for use on a Google Map. With some new additions to Google Maps, this has now become even easier.
  • Find geographical coordinates using Google Maps
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-05-10
    There are occasions where you need accurate geographical coordinates of a location, for example for putting a marker on a map. Assuming you don't have a GPS receiver handy, or the location you're interested in isn't around the corner, finding coordinates can be a pain. Fortunately, Google Maps provides a little tool that will help you find coordinates for any location you can display on a map.
  • Microformats: embedding information in webpages the right way
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-04-14
  • Unintentional side effects of using microformats
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-04-13
    Interpreting a website using microformats semantics has consequences for webdesigners and webdevelopers, even if they don't intentionally use them. Certain markup is assumed to have a specific meaning, which may result in functional and presentational side effects. Therefore, designers and developers should be aware of the syntax of microformats, and avoid it if the semantics are not applicable.