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  • Filtering mail server side with Sieve, part 1
    Armijn Hemel, 2010-08-31
    Like us, you might receive a lot of mail and read it from different locations, using different mail programs, on different kinds of devices, including mobile. If not all mail is relevant at all times, you might want to look at server side filtering instead of client side filtering.
  • Migrating from mbox to maildir
    Armijn Hemel, 2010-05-28
    Two popular formats for storing mail on Unix machines are mbox and maildir. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Converting from mbox to maildir is easy to do using some Python.
    Armijn Hemel, 2010-02-04
    IMAP IDLE is a great addition to the IMAP protocol: whenever new mail arrives the server notifies the client and the client does not have to keep polling the server all the time.
  • Learn to speak POP3 in one simple lesson
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-10-06
    POP3 is one of the core protocols of the Internet, allowing mail clients to fetch messages from a remote server. There are circumstances where it is very convenient to be able to perform a manual POP3 session, for example for debugging purposes. This article shows you all you need to know about POP3 to handle such a manual session.
  • Stresstesting IMAP clients
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-10-04
    In this blogpost we describe research we did into performance of several graphical mail programs on Linux when dealing with large amounts of email messages using IMAP.
  • The art of autoresponders (part 2)
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-07-17
  • Access your Thunderbird address books and calendars from anywhere
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-07-08
    WebDAV is an excellent light weight storage facility for the Thunderbird mail client. With a few choice extensions it can be turned into a personal information manager with globally accessible data sources for calendars and address books.
  • Ensuring Evolution survives a distro upgrade
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-06-24
    One of the most vital components of the modern desktop is a mail program. A popular mail program on Linux desktops is Evolution. If you upgrade your distribution you want to take special care to ensure that no data is lost.
  • Potentially problematic feedback between greylisting and spam filtering
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-06-03
    Greylisting may affect the spam score of the message when it eventually is accepted by the mail server, which may have unexpected consequences.
  • Fighting spam with greylisting
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-05-13
    Spam is one of the number one oline irritations for people. There are some effective ways to get rid of a lot of spam, at least until spammers catch up again. One of the most used methods right now is greylisting, which yields really good results, but at a price.
  • The art of autoresponders (part 1)
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-04-20
  • How to use obscurity to improve security (a tiny bit)
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-04-10