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  • DNS names matter
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-09-30
    When naming a local network it matters how you name the network. We found out the hard way.
  • Ensuring Evolution survives a distro upgrade
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-06-24
    One of the most vital components of the modern desktop is a mail program. A popular mail program on Linux desktops is Evolution. If you upgrade your distribution you want to take special care to ensure that no data is lost.
  • Running top for beer and profit
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-06-09
    Sometimes a small tweak in your system or your thought process can save you heaps and heaps of time, which you can spend otherwise, for more useful things.
  • "Maybe we should plug the guitars in"
    Armijn Hemel, 2009-05-30
    Sometimes the solution to a big problem can be as small as changing a few jumper settings.