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  • A Google Map with company logo and travel directions using jQuery
    Joor Loohuis, 2010-09-19
    Our article describing how to set up a Google Map with a company logo and travel directions proves to be popular. One question we've received a few times involves using jQuery in stead of Prototype, so in this article we provide the jQuery version.
  • Precision of geographical coordinates for use in Google Maps
    Joor Loohuis, 2010-05-22
    One aspect of using Google Maps that is not often addressed, is the precision of geographical coordinates that is required to properly represent information. A little explanation is in place.
  • Find geographical coordinates using Google Maps (revisited)
    Joor Loohuis, 2010-03-08
    A little while ago we posted a short instruction on how to find the map coordinates of a location for use on a Google Map. With some new additions to Google Maps, this has now become even easier.
  • A Google Map with company logo and travel directions
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-08-24
    A Google Map is a nice attribute for a company website. In the blink of an eye visitors can see where you are located. The posibility for a prospective customer to get travel directions is a very useful addition. Using the company logo to indicate the exact location adds the finishing touch. All this is actually quite simple to set up, as this article shows.
  • Using OpenStreetMaps with the Google Maps API
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-08-06
    It is relatively easy to add a new map type to Google Maps, provided you have access to a tile server. As an example, we use the OpenStreetMaps data set to display a map that doesn't have all the usage restrictions that the regular map types have.
  • Find geographical coordinates using Google Maps
    Joor Loohuis, 2009-05-10
    There are occasions where you need accurate geographical coordinates of a location, for example for putting a marker on a map. Assuming you don't have a GPS receiver handy, or the location you're interested in isn't around the corner, finding coordinates can be a pain. Fortunately, Google Maps provides a little tool that will help you find coordinates for any location you can display on a map.