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Copying subversion repositories with history using svnsync

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Joor Loohuis, October 22, 2010, 17935 views.

Occasionally it is necessary to make a copy of a subversion repository, while preserving the revision history. Sometimes you need to do this without shell access to the server. In those cases, svnsync may solve your problem.

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Security through obscurity with HTTP Basic Authentication

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Joor Loohuis, October 17, 2010, 7483 views.

One of the undying fallacies of web development is that an application can be secured by requiring that the users authenticate themselves using HTTP Basic Authentication. We regularly have to explain to developers how easy it is to extract the authentication data from a request. So it's probably useful to put this down in writing for future reference.

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A Google Map with company logo and travel directions using jQuery

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Joor Loohuis, September 19, 2010, 8593 views.

Our article describing how to set up a Google Map with a company logo and travel directions proves to be popular. One question we've received a few times involves using jQuery in stead of Prototype, so in this article we provide the jQuery version.

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Filtering mail server side with Sieve, part 1

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Armijn Hemel, August 31, 2010, 8402 views.

Like us, you might receive a lot of mail and read it from different locations, using different mail programs, on different kinds of devices, including mobile. If not all mail is relevant at all times, you might want to look at server side filtering instead of client side filtering.

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Next step MySQL: using views to improve performance

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Joor Loohuis, August 14, 2010, 21475 views.

When developers start using MySQL as a storage backend, they quickly find out how to insert, update, delete, and retrieve data. But often enough, progress tends to stop there, and problems arise when an application needs to scale. This article demonstrates how creating views may be a life saver for an underperforming application.

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