What's with this 'hackvalue' name?

To make it very clear, we're not hackers in the sense that we break into computers in the way the press likes to describe what hackers do. Real hackers are just interested in how stuff works, and how it can be made to work even better. A hack is best described as a clever or elegant technical accomplishment, especially one with a playful or prankish bent. In particular, hacking means to program a computer in a clever, virtuosic, and wizardly manner. Hack value is a term used to describe to what degree any hack is done because it's possible, and because other hackers think it is cool. See The New Hacker's Dictionary.

I posted a message and now it says I have an account. Why is that?

We use a form of temporary registration to make it easier for you to post more messages, and for us to track who is posting what. It also makes it a little easier to prevent spam. Your temporary account exists for a little while, until the cookie expires. If you want to use the account on other systems, or if you want your account to be permanent, you can go to the profile page, and enter a user name and a password.

I changed the name for a post, and now all my posts have the new name. Why?

The name that is displayed is associated with the account with which the posts were made. This makes it clear to all readers who has posted certain information, and it makes it very easy for you to change your name or to anonymize all your posts. If you have a pressing reason to post messages under various names, just log out of your current account before posting under another name. Note that if you haven't made your account permanent, you will not be able to log back in and change the name on the first account.

Why should I enter an email address if it's not used anywhere?

We may use the email address to contact you if we detect any problems with your account. In the future we may also provide additional services, such as notifications when someone replies to a post you made. If you prefer that we don't store your email address, just remove it when you post a new message, or use the profile page to remove it.