Hackvalue goes live (finally)

Joor Loohuis, April 10, 2009, 4922 views.

Hackvalue, the Loco corporate blog has gone live. It will contain content on topics such as Free and Open Source Software matters, systems administration, web development, and more.

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It took a bit longer than intended, but we're finally live with Hackvalue, our corporate blog. In this space we intend to provide background information, tips, tricks, insights, and the occasional bit of advocacy. Topics will include anything we're professionally occupied with, such as

  • Free and Open Source licensing, and violations of these licenses
  • Free and Open Source software
  • Open Standards and protocols
  • (Linux) systems administration
  • web development

In the near future, more features will be added to this blog, such as talk-back discussions, RSS feeds, and all other niceties you will have come to expect from a proper blog.

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